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Ordering Infomation

Our products are sold either by the Kilo or by quantity which will be specified on the particular product page.

For Items that are sold by the kilo you can order portions of a kilo by using a decimal point  i.e. 1.5 will be 1.5kg and .5 will be 500g.

items sold by the Kilo are sudject to minimum order size depending on cut of meat. If you try to order less than the minimum weight by default the minimum weight allowed will automatically be added to the cart.

If you would like a particular number of cuts of meat when ordering click on the product picture to be taken the product page and enter a comment in the comments box.

i.e if ordering Scotch fillet steak 0.5KG if you would like two steaks enter in the comments box "two Steaks please"

Many of our popular cuts we have given the option to either purchase by kilo or by quanity. For products where this is applicible there will be two separate product listings.

For example Sctoch fillet steak has two listings. One lets you order by the kilo and the other allows you to order a particular number of steaks with each being minimum 200 grams.

If you have any other requests when ordering please add into the comments page on product pages and our staff will accomodate as best as possible